BUNDY REFRIGERATION, is an international Group with 7 production sites distributed between Europe and Latin America, specialized in the production of integrated cooling systems.


Over the years, the need to bring the Group together in a single organizational model with common management methods has emerged. The company has chosen to start, in collaboration with CONCERT, a project for the definition of a unique organizational model to be extended to all Group companies, with the aim of harmonizing both Supply Chain and planning and management control issues.


Therefore, a business process reengineering intervention was launched aimed at redesigning the company processes, linking them to the chosen organizational model. We therefore moved on to the realization of a pilot project in the production plant in Germany. The technical solution, implemented through Microsoft Dynamics AX, has seen the precise application of how much modeled. The execution speed of the project (about 4 months) highlighted both the correctness of the models, the defined control processes and the platform efficiency, also underlined by the reduced use of system customizations.


The implementation of the solution in the company in Germany made it possible to fully understand the value of the project, strengthening the Bundy’s goal of gradually extending the implementation of the planned organizational model to the other companies in the group. The German company has in fact gone from an almost total absence of organization, also underlined by the strong lack of information systems, to a new organized reality and able to exercise control over its processes, regulated and planned through the achievement of full operation of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. The intervention on the German company is a concrete and tested track of the new reorganization project, which can now easily be implemented on other companies.

“Microsoft Dynamics AX ha consentito l’applicazione di quanto modellizzato. L’implementazione del modello pilota ha portato all’esecuzione di puntuali gap analysis dello stato organizzativo, rapportandole ai processi “best practice” teorizzati per il gruppo.”

Roberto Passerini

Board Director, Concert


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