C.M.T. Utensili produces and sells small woodworking tools for over 50 years. Over time it has grown considerably, appearing on the international market: today it has three production plants in Italy and two commercial branches in Spain and the USA, as well as a network of agents and importers.


Business expansion and business growth have brought to the need for a review of their operating systems, with the aim of acquiring a more managerial management approach and enhancing their commercial impact. Among the priorities is also that of centralizing the management of the verticals, standardizing the processes and encouraging data sharing.


The CONCERT work team, with the management of C.M.T., has therefore started a business process reengineering action, implemented through Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each intervention was aimed at creating integration into the processes, realizing the centralization of management functions, allowing the company to acquire the full ability to monitor and plan all operational dynamics. Logistic processes have also been speeded up by the procedures integration system. Globally, the result has been translated into the complete control of the Supply Chain, with the achievement of an excellent commercial reactivity and the improvement of all customer services, which today can count on rapid and reliable answers.


The uniformity of procedures and information has increased the commercial reactivity of the company. Today, agents and traders use the same models, calibrated to reduce the margins of error. Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the control of the Supply Chain has improved, generating a knowledge of the data that allows the customer to provide fast and reliable answers. Among the benefits found with greater satisfaction is the optimization of management costs, also the result of the progressive centralization, and the speeding up of logistics processes, thanks to the procedures integration system and the electronic management of shipping orders . The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX has allowed it to be integrated with past systems without requiring total revision. The company was able to capitalize the investments made on the operating systems already used, such as, for example, the system for the management of automated warehouses. Through the development of a customized application, CONCERT directed data relating to the 8 C.M.T. Utensili automated warehouses within Microsoft Dynamics AX allowing operators to have a complete view of the stock.

“Per quanto riguarda la gestione dei flussi di produzione, abbiamo risolto tutti i gap: oggi abbiamo il totale governo della Supply Chain e una supervisione delle informazioni che ci permette in tempi più che rapidi di dare ai clienti risposte attendibili.”

Massimo Ricci

Direttore commerciale e marketing , C.M.T. Utensili


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