EAS ELETTRONICA, has been producing assembled electronic boards for over 30 years, generally according to the customer’s drawings and specifications. Over the years it has grown considerably and, in 2003, has appeared on the international scene with the opening of a branch in the Slovak Republic. A new dimension that made it necessary to review the production processes, highlighting the inadequacy of the information system in use.


With the support of CONCERT, the property has started a process of reorganization of production processes through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, in the version with the vertical Process Industries.

The main critical issues of the company were effectively solved: for the purchases management, of particular complexity, the useful information for a correct selection of the supply was made available in real time to the buyer. Quality control operations have been optimized in production processes. As regards the material management, a system has been developed that can guarantee multiple dimensions of storage, collection and transfer. All warehouse operations are managed through the use of wireless handhelds, thanks to a particular function of Microsoft Dynamics AX, developed specifically by CONCERT.


The efficiency of the sales process has improved thanks to the introduction of the CRM and a new offers management. The integration process of the intercompany management processes with the Slovak subsidiary was finally launched.


Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, with the Process Industries vertical, EAS has an information system suited to its new dimension of industrial and international reality.

Among the benefits, there is the improvement of purchasing management: today buyers can rely on the evidence of all the information needed to select a correct supply, while the specific planning of purchase orders based on the constraints imposed by the customer allows to optimize orders. Concrete advantages are being recorded on the quality front: from the quality control of the incoming materials to the traceability of the activities related to the quality control of the finished products. The critical issues related to the management of the production of several items originating from the same mother board have also been resolved in a single production cycle.

With regard to sales processes, the introduction of CRM has optimized the management of relationships with customers, while great benefit is bringing the new procedure for managing offers. The implementation of the project in the Slovak company is finally introducing an intercompany management able to enhance the performance of both companies.

“Abbiamo cercato sul mercato un ERP che fosse in grado di sostenere il salto organizzativo che l’azienda ha intrapreso. Il benchmark ci ha indirizzati su Microsoft Dynamics AX con il verticale Process Industries, implementato con il supporto della consulenza di CONCERT.”

Marco Danzo

IT Manager , EAS Elettronica


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