Leader of the Italian market with a wide range of products characterized by a high level of performance, EDILTEC, is present in Italy with different locations, and in Europe with 2 plants in Spain and Germany.


The company started, with the support of CONCERT, a project of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX focused essentially on two needs: on the one hand to outline an organizational architecture based on a group logic, activating a series of intercompany functions; on the other hand, to increase the company’s efficiency in terms of logistics, transport and delivery, through an integrated logic that is able to guarantee to all logistics services greater speed and flexibility.


The project was aimed at speeding up order processing, through the optimization of withdrawals from stock, with the sharing of information on the availability and location of products, and transport, with the possibility of proceeding with the evasion of more orders in the same path. Particular attention was also given to the sales process, with the creation of a system for managing the agents’ activity, able to define incentive systems through premiums and automatically calculate the commissions. Lastly, the financial sector saw the definition of procedures aimed at specialized management of the credit limit and credit recovery.


The integration of production, commercial and logistics processes has resulted in cost optimization and a global improvement of the Group’s performance, with particular regard to delivery times and costs. The sharing in real time of the information on the availability and the location of the products inside the warehouses of the various companies has in fact speeded up the identification operations of the products in order. The load plan defined to group deliveries independently of the origin of the order has instead optimized the dynamics and transport costs, allowing to choose, from time to time, the most convenient vector based on the relationship between product, place of collection, place and delivery times. Concrete advantages were also found in the management of the sales process, with the complete control of the management of the agents, and the centralized management of credit limit and credit recovery.


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