Third Italian leader in the prefabrication industry, with six production plants and two mobile sites,
General Prefabbricati-VGroup, is characterized by a fragmentary structure, where the different units operate in complete autonomy.


A few years ago a change of ownership imposes the need to standardize the processes, promoting communication between the different realities of the group. The CONCERT team then supports the new management and starts an intervention aimed at reconfiguring the organizational set-up: Microsoft Dynamics AX is the technological lever to implement the change, rationalizing the company dynamics and concentrating the management and control of the entire organization, to focus on maximum integration in order to increase productivity and profitability.

The need to optimize the management of large orders, almost never standardizable, is solved by the implementation of Microsoft Office Project Server, an efficient tool to rationalize the management of people and activities, ensuring the control of the order and the constant verification of work progress status.


The solution has produced concrete and quantified results over the years: + 35% of ROI, and + 5% of the average industry value, plus a 35% increase in the value of production (two-year period 2003-2005). The property has also acquired full awareness and complete control of the company dynamics in all their aspects, design, production and financial.


Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics AX and with the support of CONCERT team, Generale Prefabbricati-VGroup has revolutionized its information system by making a substantial and upward change in all company dynamics, from design to production and financial management.

The check, carried out after many years, was able to confirm the benefits of the solution. The rationalization of the company processes allows the constant monitoring of the management results, ensuring to the ownership the complete awareness of the organizational and production dynamics. A transversal effectiveness that today allows to control every single project as a whole and under every technical, productive or financial point of view.

The unified push to the entire organizational structure has favored the redefinition of roles, motivating the different company figures towards the perception of being part not simply of a segment of the project, but of a single, large system that produces and manages important orders. Microsoft Dynamics AX has also proved to be a winner in the cases in which General Prefabbricati-VGroup has to work directly on site, thanks to the ability to easily install and connect new and different mobile production sites.

“Microsoft Dynamics AX, introducendo un modello unico di gestione dei processi, ha creato integrazione fra i diversi ruoli aziendali: amministrazione, produzione e progettazione lavorano in sinergia e le persone sanno di far parte di uno stesso progetto.

Paolo Pecetti

Direttore Amministrazione e Finanza , Generale Prefabbricati


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