MAUS, , a leader company in the Machinery industry, manufacturing vertical lathes and deburring machines for the Automotive industry, foundries…, has always worked in highly evolved markets, providing its customers with advanced experience in techniques and applications and offering hi-tech solutions that respect fully the specific end-user production approaches. Maus also offers added value technical support services in the pre and post sales phases, preventive and scheduled maintenance and technological upgrades of already installed products and systems. The reasons for the recognized leadership of Maus can be traced back to the experience gained over more than 25 years of activity: the challenge is to consolidate its global leadership.


The Maus team undertakes to operate with innovation, product quality, timely deliveries and improved after-sales services. All these challenges have been “mapped” on specific processes. Moving the organization from a “70% customized product” model to a “70% standard product” is one of the key priorities for business development, increasing revenues and improving margins.


Concert has completed the implementation of Dynamics AX for Maus and the solution is provided by Azure and extended to Fritz Hansberg, an important and recent acquisition of Maus. The business, based on make-to-order processes, is fully supported by the management of the orders that Concert has successfully implemented with the satisfaction of customer who also adopted Dynamics CRM Online for their business development needs.


Some key processes were examined at the time of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP project. The agility and cost savings of TCO obtained during the AX distribution on Azure gave good value to the ERP project. In addition, Maus has exploited AX on Azure for its merger and acquisition strategy: shorter delivery times, process harmonization, operational and financial data consistency. Maus has just started the CRM project: Dynamics CRMOL will be integrated with Dynamics AX.


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