The mission of MP FILTRI, a leader manufacturing company of filters for hydraulic drives, hydraulic power transmissions and accessories, began in the 1960s. The constant research, the design and the development confirm it among the most important world producers in the field of oleodynamic filtration.


The adoption of a new ERP system was created for MP Filtri from the need to have a common work platform for the whole Group. Previously the company used different systems to manage production plants in Italy and Great Britain, as well as the two commercial branches in Germany and France. Furthermore, the company needed to harmonize product management at the Group level (harmonization of codes, management with product configurator, parametric stock management) and cost and management control. Furthermore, the processes had to be reviewed in their complexity, trying to apply Group logic wherever possible.
In detail the needs were:
• creation of a common and univocal database,
• greater integration of information flows within the company in order to improve management decision-making processes,
• efficiency improvement thanks to the automation of the procedures for processing the information necessary for the management of business processes,
• elimination of redundant data and systems,
• reduction of paper document flows and development of electronic communication (email, workflow, etc.)


The CONCERT approach, characterized by the continuous improvement of processes and systems, was not limited to a single business area. We have set ourselves the objective to research broadly the typical opportunities of a functional structure, in which the individual organizational units do not perceive the interdependence of their behavior. The aim, therefore, was to define a transversal action plan that has combined the benefit dimension with the easiness of the intervention. In order that MP Filtri correctly set up the project, it was considered essential to carry out a complete analysis phase of the company in order to identify the critical issues and opportunities of processes and systems improvement. The intervention involved several areas, starting from management control, putting the accounting system as a model and preparing it for the insertion of a better reporting system; inserting the product configurator into the technical office; refining and reconstructing company operating flows and preparing the platform for connection with branches.


The results of the new adopted system can be summarized with the improvement of the decision-making process through the support of information, the increase of people available time to dedicate to strategic activities and higher value for the customer, better clarity and structure in the activities carried out by operating team, greater capacity and integration speed of the companies acquired and/or in acquisition within the Group’s business models, and finally significant flexibility in the introduction of changes in the competitive scenario (reorganization of functions and processes, creation of new Business Units, setting up new companies, etc.)

“L’implementazione del nuovo ERP ha permesso a MP Filtri di centralizzare tutte le informazioni core dell’azienda e delle filiali, nonché di introdurre un livello di standardizzazione nei processi e nelle strutture tecniche decisamente elevato. La scelta di Microsoft Dynamics AX come nuovo ERP del Gruppo MP Filtri si fonda su tre cardini: la flessibilità del software al servizio di un’azienda flessibile per mission, la semplicità di interfacciamento e integrazione con strumenti di campo specifici quali BI, magazzino automatico, controllo di produzione, l’interoperabilità in ambiente intercompany di gruppo. Dopo 3 anni di live nella capo gruppo e 3 filiali implementate i risultati sono evidenti e tangibili.”

Andrea Canestraci

ERP Manager , MP Filtri


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