Founded in 1962, the RULMECA Group has grown to become the leader in the global material handling industry.
The global activity of the Rulmeca Group, consisting of sixteen companies, eight production companies and eight sales companies located throughout the world, with 1200 employees and customers in over 85 countries, includes quality components for both conveyor belt (BULK) and for transporting packages (UNIT).


Rulli Rulmeca had the strong need to form a unitary group, with a single organizational model and common management methods.
Moreover, to grow and develop group strategies, the company needed an integrated, reliable, up-to-date and easy-to-use management system.


Rulli Rulmeca has adopted Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 as an ERP for all the headquarters of the group and in 2018 decided to upgrade the system to the latest version released by the Redmond giant, switching to D365 FFO.
The historic partnership with Concert continues with this project, in parallel with the re-engineering of the company’s technical data and the complete revision of the accounting and management control model.
The possible implementation of the WMS module for the Italian office, an early adoption of the forthcoming Enterprise Asset Management module and a prototype of MS Dynamics 365 for Sales are also in progress.


With the D365 FFO upgrade project the Rulmeca group will be able to exploit the potential of Microsoft’s cloud, maintaining the benefits obtained with the adoption of an integrated management system, continuing in the wake of innovation that has allowed Rulli Rulmeca to become a leader in the market.

“L’upgrade di release verso D365 FFO ci consentirà di sfruttare le potenzialità del cloud di Microsoft, continuando al contempo a sfruttare la grande flessibilità del sistema che già conosciamo. La storica partnership con Concert continua con questo progetto, parallelamente alla reingegnerizzazione dei dati tecnici dell’azienda ed alla revisione completa del modello di controllo contabile e gestionale.”

Andrea Brignoli

Corporate IT Manager, Rulli Rulmeca


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