Today TEXA is a global leader in the design, development and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, exhaust gas analysers, air conditioning service stations and telediagnostic devices for cars, bikes, trucks, boats and farm machinery.


The company had the need to connect the new foreign subsidiaries to its ERP system and was looking for a more streamlined solution that did not require particular investments in infrastructure on these sites.
The Texa business is constantly expanding and evolving with a strong focus on international markets and with scenarios that change rapidly. For this reason, the Cloud and Dynamics 365 in particular, make it possible to meet these new needs.


Texa has been using Microsoft 365 for a long time with satisfaction and has decided to add the ERP to the various Office365 services – Mail, Skype/Teams, SharePoint On Line, OneDrive etc that have long been moved “to the Cloud”.
Thanks to Concert, in a few weeks the Texa IT team brought the Texa USA subsidiary to Dynamics 365 live, making the most of the platform’s standard features.


The integration with the central ERP system now allows complete alignment of operational processes and total data consistency.
From the TCO and costs point of view, there is a significant optimization for this and for all the upcoming Dynamics 365 installations in the various countries where Texa is present.
The Texa USA project has confirmed not only the validity of the technological choice in the group IT strategy, but also the correspondence to the expectations of the business and of the Key users that are the real “customers” to satisfy.
Also in this, the different international experiences of Concert with Dynamics 365 have contributed and will contribute to the gradual deployment of the solution throughout the Texa group.

“Saputo che CONCERT aveva già avuto significative esperienze con Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations, li abbiamo immediatamente contattati per avviare il primo progetto per Texa USA.”

Walter Geromel

Global ICT Director, Texa


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