UAS, Umbria Aerospace Systems S.p.A, is a young company, emerging in the aerospace market, which comes from the merger of interdisciplinary experiences.
The integration of their respective knowledge in the field of hydraulics, precision mechanics and electronics has allowed the development of a new young and dynamic reality capable of developing implementation systems applied to aerospace.


The company needed a flexible and complete solution that could support the complexity of the business.
With a rapidly growing business volume, it was necessary for the company to be supported by a standard ERP system, in order to define its business processes by exploiting the best practices implemented in it.
The choice fell on a modern multicompany system with specific locations for Italy and abroad, on a Cloud platform accessible from any device.


Umbria Aerospace Systems has chosen Concert to be accompanied in the definition of business processes and the adoption of the D365 solution, given the experience already gained in the aerospace sector and on Cloud projects.
The project saw the implementation of three companies on D365 with the modules General accounting, Customers, Suppliers, Contracts, Planning and Production, Warehouse, Quality control.
At the same time, the company defined a control model to highlight the costs incurred for production, and to identify the areas of intervention more easily in order to achieve greater production efficiency.


Use of an integrated system by users, with less paper and unstructured Office tools.
Identification of production inefficiencies, management of orders with easy definition of project revenues.
The project represents the realization of a strategic evolution that in the future will allow the Group to adapt quickly and in a timely manner to particularly complex business needs.


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