UMBRA GROUP, is a leader company in the market of precision mechanical components, with particular reference to ball screws, both for aeronautical and industrial applications. In recent years it has faced a strong growth process through the acquisition of foreign companies, becoming a sort of ‘pocket multinational’: an international Group with 4 head offices in Europe and one in the USA, a total staff of about one thousand people and one volume business over 180M €.


The international dimension, with the prospect of new acquisitions, has clashed with a management system that was not able to manage its complexity. In collaboration with the CONCERT work team, a Business Process Reengineering action was taken to centralize the organizational architecture, standardizing the processes and encouraging the sharing of business data among all the companies of the group.


The technological lever through which the results were realized was Microsoft Dynamics D365FFO which imposed a unique model of intercompany management, enhancing the overall performance: from cost control and production dynamics to the improvement of response times to customer requests, until the speed of integration of the new acquired companies.

It is not a case if for the last acquisition, the German company PKE, it was possible to proceed in less than two months to replace the previous information system with Microsoft Dynamics D365FFO which allowed the adaptation of all processes to the business system of the group.


The Business Process Reengineering action has produced the complete integration of all the processes, both production, commercial and logistics, with a global improvement of the company’s performance throughout the Group. Today, the management is able to rely on a unitary and rational organizational system in line with the needs of a “pocket multinational”, also allowing the rapid inclusion of any new business reality in acquisition.

The global implementation of the Microsoft D365FFO platform has encouraged real-time sharing of all business data among companies, reducing infrastructure management costs and improving the ability to plan and control individual activities, as well as human resources. Particular benefits have been given by the Business Intelligence component, which has reinforced the monitoring of efficiency objectives on the production cycle. Human Resources has also allowed the transition to a rationalized and structured management of the different professional profiles, facilitating the certification of skills. The integrated management of the entire production chain has helped to speed up the delivery and response times to customer requests.

“Il gruppo di lavoro di CONCERT ci ha supportato con un’accurata analisi dei processi e un piano di implementazione centralizzati che hanno coinvolto il personale delle filiali locali in tutte le fasi del progetto, condividendo obiettivi di coerenza, ottimizzazione dei processi e concretezza nella risposta alle esigenze di gestione complessiva del ciclo produttivo.”

Enrico Castiglionesi

Responsabile sistemi informativi , Umbra Group


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