VIDEOTEC, represents an international group with Head Quarter in Italy, a branch in France and two factories in Hong Kong and the USA.


With the aim of improving the quality of its service, the management has undertaken a process of rationalization and optimization of processes in a “lean” perspective, redesigning the company dynamics in order to streamline production flows, speed up response times and optimize costs.

The project was developed through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX which, in addition to achieving significant advantages in the field of order management and reduction of delivery times, has helped to create integration between processes and uniformity of information, encouraging a centralized management of foreign branches.

A second phase of intervention, activated with the collaboration of the CONCERT partner, has finally aimed at strengthening the company’s ability to exercise complete control over its management, fiscal and administrative dynamics, as well as production and logistics. Taking advantage of the integrated and flexible features of Microsoft Dynamics AX, an advanced management control method has been implemented, aimed at providing the company with tools to increase the ability to monitor and manage fundamental parameters such as product costing, industrial accounting for the evaluation of the warehouses status and the operating flows, the costs control and the profitability analysis.

Through Microsoft Dynamics AX, and with the support of CONCERT, a single model for the management control and planning functions was created, supporting the optimization of management and tax dynamics and increasing the level of cost control and profitability analysis.


If the automation of the order management has speeded up the delivery time, the centralization of the documents management in the IT platform has reduced the use of paper documentation for internal communications. The uniformity and sharing of all dynamic data has also facilitated real-time knowledge of the stock situation.

Only the development of an adequate “control center” was lacking able to guarantee the monitoring of all the parameters in action. CONCERT has therefore adapted the administrative systems through the implementation of a planning advanced model, management control and analytical industrial accounting, providing management with a system to plan, measure, and then govern business processes and action levers in an effective and proactive way. The implementation of this model has allowed us to have a normalized view of economic and financial data, achieving a high level of control and optimization of costs and profitability analysis, as well as facilitating the planning of all operational dynamics. Today Videotec’s management has adequate tools to exercise global control of the company.


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